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2GI Staff

Diego Mariscal

Diego Mariscal

Founder & CEO

Disabled and proud, Diego seeks to navigate the relationship between disability advocacy, entrepreneurism, and sustainable impact. Since founding 2Gether-International in 2012 Diego has collaborated with multinational organizations, been recognized internationally for his work with the disability community, and attended global summits to advocate for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Keevin O'Rourke

Keevin O'Rourke

Managing Director

Keevin has managed and led over 10 startup accelerator programs and supported over 100 founders helping them both validate and scale their businesses. Early last year he was able to start and scale a startup to the point of acquisition. Being a practitioner has allowed him to both give tactical advice and see things from the founders perspective.

Denise Gray

Denise Gray

Operations Manager

Denise Gray was born and raised in California and first trained in the medical field in the United States Navy. As a disabled Veteran she founded DKS Esthetics in 2008 before joining 2Gether-International. Denise’s extensive experience and care, paired with the commitment to help others makes her a valued asset to 2Gether’s team.

Coko Eason

Coko Eason

Community Growth Manager

Coko's 10+ years of experience in the music and entertainment industry led her to being an expert at growing fan bases, followers, streams and more. She left the music industry and founded her own tech startup which was accepted into 2 accelerators. Coko now has a new passion to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses in unique and unconventional ways!

2GI Board Members

Zeenia Irani

Alvaro Silberstein

Rachel Koretsky

Nate Andorsky

Keely Cat-Wells

Vincent Randazzo

Eric Ingram

Lisa Friedlander

2GI Advisory Board

Karen Herson

Geoff Walker

Sarah Millar

Bob Balk

John Keeling

Moaz Hamid

Suzanne Robitaille

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