Disabled people united for social change.

Who We Are

We support entrepreneurs with disabilities. We harness their innate entrepreneurship skills to help them achieve their employment goals.

This work moves us closer to a world where people with disabilities are recognized Master of Industries. It moves us closer to a world where disability is internationally valued as an asset for business and entrepreneurship.


Our Approach

We are committed to pushing ourselves and our team members further through: active listening, pride, and entrepreneurship.

Our program turns the innate entrepreneurship mindset of people with disabilities into a workforce development strategy. By working on their own startup, disabled entrepreneurs learn different aspects of the workforce.



Why We Do it

People with disabilities have to figure out how to solve problems all the time. We have to figure out how to get dressed, how to drive, how to communicate. We figure out how to live in a world that is not build to fit our needs. 2Gether-International harnesses the innate entrepreneurship skills of people with disabilities and helps Disabled Entrepreneurs succeed. 

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By The Numbers


1 Bil

1 Billion people have a disability making disabled people the largest minority in the world.


Unemployment amongst disabled people is as high as 80% in some countries.


Disabled people are twice as able to be self-employed as persons without disabilities.


In DC, the poverty rate for working age disabled people is 38.5 %.


Diego Mariscal helps us see the concept of "disability" from a different perspective. He uses his personal experiences and perseverance through adversity to illustrate a more global understanding of inclusiveness. As the founder, CEO and Chief Disabled Officer of 2Gether-International, a Washington D.C.