Introducing our Fall 2023 Cohort

Coko Eason
Introducing our Fall 2023 Cohort

Introducing our Fall 2023 Cohort 

We’re thrilled to kick off our Fall 2023 Cohort accelerator program with support from Comcast NBCUniversal. Over the next ten weeks, our 11 participants, all of whom are Disabled Founders of early-stage, high-growth, tech startups, will be immersed in 2GI’s ten-week accelerator program designed to improve their pitch and business model, and to instill the mindset that disabilities can be a competitive business advantage.

For the first time, we’re giving you an insider look into the 2GI Cohort experience - from start to finish. We spoke with Kristin Gross, Founder of Navdee, a digital health platform that connects patients and family caregivers to virtual Health Advocates; and Peter Conroy, Founder and CEO of The Difference App, a Digital Health Technology startup providing an innovative weight management App, who shared their insights and experiences with us.

Peter Conroy, CEO of The Difference App

Kristin Gross, CEO of Navdee

What inspired you to apply to take part in the Fall Cohort?

Kristin: After listening to Spring 2GI Cohort members pitch, I was impressed by the overall presentations and group of entrepreneurs. That didn't happen by coincidence. 2GI was a part of making that a reality and I couldn't wait to apply for the opportunity to take part in the Fall Cohort.

Peter: I was inspired to apply because I have been living with a disability for nearly two decades and I thought this program might present an interesting opportunity to both benefit from and contribute towards being part of this community.

How have you navigated previous challenges or obstacles on the road to achieving your goals?

Kristin: I don't give up - there's a drive and passion that fuels me through the challenges. That being said, I'm getting better at asking for support and guidance, tapping into other's expertise and lessons learned. It makes the challenges easier and faster to overcome.

Peter: I believe some of the same skills I have learned to use to cope with my mental illness have helped me as an Entrepreneur. For example, giving myself grace when I recognize that I am not feeling well, while at the same time being more productive when I am feeling more capable.

What are you hoping to get out of 2GI’s accelerator program?

Kristin: I want to take advantage of being with other entrepreneurs and facilitators in a program that's tailored to the unique experiences of individuals with disabilities. I'm looking forward to the cohort interaction that will allow Navdee to grow. After our first week of sessions, I'm already inspired by the feedback given by various cohort members to support one another.

Peter: Personally, I hope to expand my network and learn about how to be a more effective Founder with a disability. For the company, I hope to find further traction and growth.