Disabled people united for social change.

Who we are

With over 125 members, more than a dozen meetups, and six corporate/government organizations engaged, we support entrepreneurs with disabilities.


“Every day as disabled people, we have to figure out how to live in a world that is not built to fit our needs. This is an inherently entrepreneurial mindset. When we harness that we can change the world”

-Diego Mariscal, Founder 2018


What we do

Our program turns the innate entrepreneurship mindset of people with disabilities into a workforce development strategy. By working on their own startup, disabled entrepreneurs learn different aspects of the workforce.


2Gether-International in the News


Diego Mariscal, founder of 2Gether-International, helps us see the concept of "disability" from a different perspective. He uses his personal experiences and perseverance through adversity to illustrate a more global understanding of inclusiveness.