Disability Project Empower


What is DPE (In detail)

Disability Project Empower is redefining the expectations of disability. Supporting and empowering young disabled people to become entrepreneurs.

We support aspiring young disabled entrepreneurs to create, lead, crowdsource, and execute their own entrepreneurship initiatives—projects for and run by disabled youth. Projects can vary  in stages of development. Some maybe startups, others may enhance existing companies, some may be school or community initiatives. Whatever your idea may be, our mission is to help you develop it from one stage to the next. 

Participants of Disability Project Empower will not only develop entrepreneurial skills, but also engage with 2Gether's global network to exchange ideas, resources, and feedback from other established mentors and supporters, both disabled and non-disabled. Disability Project Empower is not a crowdsourcing site, like Indiegogo.com or KickStarter.com, but a competitive network and community, that strives to ensure the growth and success of passionate, proud, innovative disabled youth.