Disabled individuals make up about half of all people killed by law enforcement officers.

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Law enforcement often does not receive proper training on how to interact with disabled people due to lack of funding and time.* Disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers.**


 Through a series of 4-6 short videos, we'll produce  training to better inform law enforcement on how to best treat disabled people. This will be a three step process: 

  1. AWARENESS + FUNDRAISING: Ideas  are lovely, but.. we need money and people to make this happen.
  2. FILMING + VIDEO PRODUCTION: We'll work with industry experts, disabled activists and volunteers to produce and film these trainings.
  3. PROMOTION + DISTRIBUTION: Lights, camera, ACTION! Share the love!!.. and the videos. This is going to be hard work and we'll need your help to share and discuss these videos.