Diego's Story

As a child growing up in Mexico, Diego felt the isolation that comes with disability, and finally found a community in his Paralympic junior swim team.

It was during this time that Diego learned the power of advocacy first hand.  He and his teammates lobbied to get their old, crumbling, inaccessible training center replaced with a brand new, state of the art, fully accessible training center.  Not only did they achieve their goal, they gained media attention and caught the notice of Mexico’s first lady.  From then on, Diego was hooked on advocacy.

In high school, Diego and created a series of disability awareness workshops that have since expanded to eight schools across the country, with over twenty corporate sponsors. When Diego was accepted to American University in Washington DC he brought his advocacy experience to the United States to form 2Gether-International.

As the CEO and Chief Disabled Officer of 2Gether-International, Diego Mariscal supports entrepreneurs with disabilities and works with corporations to recognize disabilities as a valuable asset to business performance.

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