Never Give Up

Zyv, a successful graduate of UCLA, was unknowingly diagnosed with an intellectual disability while in college. Rather than living in devastation and shame, he EMBRACED is disability. His disability actually helped him strive in college by being given accommodations from the government. Stories like this make you PROUD of who you are and FEARLESS to accomplish anything you desire! After watching this, you'll have all the motivation you need to reach your goals!


It's difficult to get help with employment, housing, and accommodations when you don't know the resources as a disabled person. That's why we have the Keri Grey, the youth transition fellow from the National Council on Independent Living, to talk to us about how the Independent Living Movement is a life saver! From the creators, to international impact, Keri gives AWESOME information and guidance on ways where the Independent Living Movement EMPOWERS individuals tremendously. See what she has to say about local Transition Centers near you or check out for more info!

Able-Bodied "The Act"

Watch what our able-bodied amigos share with us what they know about disabilities and their poor educational experiences learning about Disability in school. After viewing several of our videos, their perception changes about certain topics of disabilities. Let's educate our peers about our disabilities and social issues that are present today. Start by joining our "Awkward No More" campaign! 

Intersectionality 101

Intersectional individuals go through aggressive oppression on a daily basis. Our good friend Ashe, who is disabled and has multiple identities shares their daily experiences through the intersection of having a disability while having multiple identities. We also explain the social model of disability for those of you who don't know.. some good stuff! Watch, like, and comment on the topic. Join the discussion!

Disability Advocacy 101

Self-advocacy is super important for any real measure of change and passion. Cherri, founder and president of United Disability Awareness Consortium, gives us all the details on the most effective ways to self-advocate and other ways to get involved within the community to raise awareness of social justice concerning the disabled community. Don't be afraid to ask questions and reach out to us for ay assistance! 

Disability Pride and Identity

Many young disabled people are ashamed of their disability due to how society perceive them. Well, Diego shares his story on how he overcame shame and resulted to EMPOWERMENT over the years. He gives us helpful ways on how to self-advocate and be proud of ourselves. Alex also gives her input on learning about disabilities in school, which is unfortunately none. What do YOU think needs to change for the disabled community to feel PROUD?

Able Date Follow-Up

We followed up with our old friend Andres to give us the latest updates on his project "Able Date": several training & speed dating events for disabled and able-bodied people. This great project is meant to show that disabled people DO have intimate relationships and ARE CAPABLE of loving just like everyone else. When we first met with Andres, this project was still in the works, but now we have full details on its success and impact! He also gives us some advice on dating too. Feel free to ask him any questions @ Check it out!