Investing in young disabled entrepreneurs!



Disabled people are the largest minority in the world.* Also the minority with the highest unemployment rate. In the United States alone, the unemployment rate among disabled people is 12.5%. This represents more than $150 BILLION lost annually in tax revenue alone. ** (in some other countries the unemployment rate of disabled people is as high as 80%***).



Though the unemployment rate is higher in the disability community, disabled people are also more likely to be self-employed entrepreneurs!**** We will be selecting 2-5 passionate young disabled people to assist in their own entrepreneurship  projects. They will receive crowdfunding mentoring, team building and business development consulting, PR and social media support, investment/sponsorship opportunities and more. 



Disabled people (under 31):

You'll meet other disabled people from around the world.

Non-disabled people:

Encourage disabled people to apply! 


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Project Examples!

"Disabled Humans of the World" by Adina Karten

Adina, who identifies with chronic pain, shares the stories and experiences of disabled people from her community through social media. Her project not only raises disability visibility and awareness, but also builds a community of disabled people in the world to connect and learn from. Adina launched her project on Facebook, which has started to gain mass traction as a result of her involvement with Disability Project Empower and 

 "AbleDate" by Andres Urbina

Andres is tackling stigmas around the subject of dating amongst intellectually disabled people. He first approached us with a 2 paragraph project proposal and now, with Disability Project Empower's support and encouragement, Andres has a fully fleshed business proposal with an incredible pitch deck. Andres' confidence skyrocketed while working with us, which is evident in his improved presentation skills, and we’re excited to support him as a leader and disability advocate in his local community.


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