Disabled people united for social change.

Our Story

Disability is an asset for business and entrepreneurship.

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Our Mission

We support entrepreneurs with disabilities. We harness their innate entrepreneurship skills to help them achieve their employment goals.

This work moves us closer to a world where people with disabilities are recognized Master of Industries. It moves us closer to a world where disability is internationally valued as an asset for business and entrepreneurship.



Unemployment amongst disabled people is as high as 80% in some countries.

1 Bil

1 Billion people have a disability making disabled people the largest minority in the world.


In DC, the poverty rate for working age disabled people is 38.5 %.


Disabled people are twice as able to be self-employed as persons without disabilities.


Our Approach

We are committed to pushing ourselves and our team members further through: active listening, pride, and entrepreneurship.

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Like many startups, we also pivoted many times. Here is a bit of our history.


Our Team


Jennifer Hughes

Board Member

Evan Davies

Board Member

Andy Arias

Board Member

Diego Mariscal


Diego’s Story

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William Bruner


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Andrei Savastru

Subject Matter Expert

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Nikki Thomas

Subject Matter Expert