Who we are: 

2Gether-International.org is a network of young disabled leaders worldwide. 

One billion people have a disability, making disabled people the largest minority in the world.* We are tapping into this HUGE network to create amazing advocacy campaigns  by and for disabled people!

What we do: 

Empower and unify young disabled people to become actors of change. 

How we do it: 

We produce advocacy campaigns, by and for disabled people, that have a measurable impact in the disability space. 



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 Tackling unemployment through entrepreneurship.

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Your $$$ fires up young disabled people to make an impact. A big one.

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 Employment, Sexuality, Education, Police Brutality. You name it. We'll do it. 



Diego Mariscal

Founder, CEO & Chief Disabled Officer.

Diego lives by the motto hakuna matata-- no worries. He describes himself as stubborn, crazy, and confident, and in his very limited spare swims. If he were any animal he’d be an eagle (American University pride,) and would love to skydive.
Diego's Story and Full bio. 


Jordan Peebles

Digital Content Intern.

Jordan lives by the motto “never let your fear decide your fate,” and loves trying new food, photography, and traveling anywhere and everywhere. One thing on her bucket list is making an appearance in a movie, TV show, or even commercial, in the hopes of fulfilling her dream of becoming #famous.

Tailor D'Ortona

Partner,  US Operations.







Cara Liebowitz

Research & Innovation Intern.

Cara has never been to Disney World and it is #1 on her bucket list (she knows, it’s unbelievable!) If she could be any animal, she’d be a house cat--they sleep all day and get pampered by their owners, what more could you want in life? She’s a super talented writer and blogger, make sure to check her out here: http://www.thatcrazycrippledchick.com

Emilo Leija

Partner,  MEX Operations.







Michelle Kwak

 Business Development Intern.

Michelle is a creative thinker, with a knack for photography and poetry. If she were an animal she’d be the fox from Zootopia-- Nick Wilde. She can be sarcastic but at her core she’s dedicated to helping others. Her life motto is to live fearlessly, passionately, and selflessly, no matter how unconventional the pursuit may be!


Board of Directors

Nick Boedicker
Strategic Good

Janethe Peña
DC Doors


Benjamin McAfee

Estela Villarreal
Unidos Somos Iguales



Sabrina Naimark
Special Olympics 

Rafael Abrego H.
Prepa Tec CSC


Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn   Institute on Disability and Public Policy.